Handcrafted Marketing Content


The Artisan Monthly Plan


The Artisan plan is built for companies looking to increase their digital reach through a full marketing plan: creative content for social media, blog, and website.

Your company needs multiple platform management, community management, data tracking, and SEO development.  

You are a decision maker for the company.  You are working hard to propel the company forward.  You are busy with emails, meetings, phone conferences, and deadlines. You know that you need to boost your digital marketing footprint. You know that you need help developing your digital marketing presence.  Your time is quickly used up with negotiating Facebook Ads and keeping up with content for your website and social media.

Let us manage your digital marketing.

We will work to develop your company's web presence.

We will work to develop your website, data tracking, and SEO profiles.  

We will manage Facebook and Google ads.  

We will work to post regular content for your website, blog, and social media platforms.

We will work with photography and copy-writing service to create brand rich content for your company.

We will work with your social media channels to market our your content and grow your social media presence. 

We will follow the creative content, social media conversations so that you can make the most of potential customers and sales.

We will communicate and manage social conversations, so that you don't miss out on a potential lead, customer, or sale.  Here are a few items included with the monthly plan.




Social Media Management

Social Platform Launch

Themed Social Media Posts

Branded Photography Services

Social Communication Management

Customer Follow-up 

Social Media Brand Management



Themed Creative Content for Social Media & Blog Development

Creative Content for Social Media & Blog Post Management

Creative Content Communication Management

Creative Content Photography Services

Creative Content for Social Media and Blog Copywriting

Brand Building Social Media & Blog Content Posts

Business Growth Content

Track Creative Content Posts



Website Creative Content Development

Website Landing Page Content Management

SEO Management & Growth

Google AdWord Management

Facebook Advertising Management

Website Tracking Management

Website Tracking Reporting

Focused Website Content Growth

Call-to-Action Growth


We are a handcrafted marketing company based in Portland, OR.  Our goal is to make brands stand out in the middle of a noisy market.  We want to see your brand tell it's story with art and diligence. We want to show the best of your work.  

Join us and get social with Bright Box Social media & creative content.