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The Maker Monthly Plan


The Maker monthly plan is built for small businesses who are looking for help with social media.  Maybe you are a business owner or looking to start a new business.  You have a craft, an idea, something you make, or a service you offer.  You work hard at your craft.  It's going well, but you know that you need help with social media and digital marketing.

You may have already started dabbling in social media, creating an Instagram profile, twitter feed, and/or Facebook page.  You may even have followers.  You post occasionally, but not as much as you originally intended.  Certainly not as much as you know that you should be posting.  You know there is so much more you can do, but you just don't have the time.

Let us create handcrafted content based on your talent.  

We will curate your work with photographed images.

We will write content to match your brand's online voice.

We will create and manage beautiful posts for you company so that you can stay in front of your followers.

We will actively and consistently post creative content for your brand.

We will communicate and manage social conversations, so that you don't miss out on a potential lead, customer, or sale.  Here are a few items included with the monthly plan.




Social Media Management

Social Platform Launch

Themed Social Media Posts

Branded Photography Services

Social Communication Management

Customer Follow-up 

Social Media Brand Management


We are a handcrafted marketing company based in Portland, OR.  Our goal is to make brands stand out in the middle of a noisy market.  We want to see your brand tell it's story with art and diligence. We want to show the best of your work.  

Join us and get social with Bright Box Social media & creative content.