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Social media platform launch

Platform Analysis – Choose the social platform/s that are right for your brand.

Platform Creation – Build out your social media platform/s so they are ready to launch.

Platform Strategy – Develop a plan for your social media approach.  Work with the best tools associated with various social platforms.  Understand how each platform functions and how to get the most out of each as you market your brand.  Create strategies specific to the goals you intend to reach with your social media campaigns.

Platform Mission – Understand your brand and how to reach your customers. Work to create a vision for how you will use each social media platform to utilize your social media goals. 

Social Media Goals – Create a process for social media communication.  Develop a social media post schedule introducing branded content each week.  Monitor posts effectiveness and track the days/times your post reach their maximum potential for your brand. Monitor traffic to your website and marketing landing page so that you know which posts are hitting your company's targeted goals.

Social Launch – Launch your social media program.  Monitor the fast growth of your initial platform launch.

Customer Communication – Follow up with loyal customers & build relationships with new followers.  Resolve issues or negative social media conversations as they arise.  Work to develop an active and positive social media presence online. 

branding development

Brand Development – Work to create your brand's story & develop that story for online/web content.

Narrative Development – Set the tone of your company's brand by creating narrative-based marketing campaigns. 

Key Values – Communicate key values that define your company. 

Brand Vision – Map out a vision and mission of your brand and communicate your company's goals for growth.

Design Creation & Logo Development Design and create a logo that fits with your company's story.

Website Development – Launch an online web presence for your brand, work to create brand awareness, and develop your brand's online call to action.

Social Media – Launch, promote, & manage your brand's social media campaigns. Choose the right social channels and map out a plan for engaging customers and new users to your brand.

website analysis 

Website Overview – Site review for how your online presence is currently rated.

Social Media Review – Track your social media patterns across social media channels.

Content Review – Review how your current website content is doing within the online community of your brand.

Online Development – Work to create an online presence that matches your goals as a company/brand.


Website Traffic – Review your site's web traffic - what sites, blogs, etc are generating your best web leads?

Boost Online Potential – Build an online web presence that matches the growth you want your company to experience.

Develop Social Media & Creative Content – Develop and execute a social media presence that directly markets the community of people who are most attracted to your company's brand.

photography services

Social Media Photography – Photography shoots based around highlighting your brand's growth.

Regular Photography Services – Schedule regular photography services for social media posts & online presence (currently local Portland service).

Editing Services – Work with us to develop an editing style that fits your brands look and feel.

Manage Social Media Photography – We will help manage and deploy photograph-drive content across multiple social media channels.

Branded Stylized Photography – Work to develop a photography style that fits your company's brand and offers a consistent branded message for your customers to engage online.


Creative Content Editing – Work through the editing process for your creative content as you post online.

Copy Editing – Have professional copy writers and bloggers review your content before it goes live. 

web development

Website Development – Build a website that matches your goals as a company.

Develop Online Presence – Create an online presence that matches the growth of your company's brand.

Blog Development – Create and manage a blog that generates unique traffic to your site.

Site Design – Create a site design that matches your company's mission and objectives.

Develop Online Traffic – Develop an online plan to boost your website's traffic.  Manage SEO and page ranking.

Technical Development – Get help with the technical side of your website, manage code, and monitor technical support.

Clean Coding & Support - Work to create clean technical development for your site. 

Website Management - Maintain your website's online presence.

Blog launch & content and communication management

Create a Blog – Develop a blog that matches your company's brand.

Creative Content Blog – Produce content that engages the conversations your customers are already having within their social media communities.

Content Development – Develop content that is inline with the mission and vision of your brand.

Social Media Channels – Push blog content out via social media channels and monitor social media conversations. 

Customer Content – Develop content that inspires your customers to be a part of your brand's experience.

Call-to-Action – Build content with specific calls to action that draw your customers into your company's story.