website content development

We work to develop website landing pages and SEO tracking.  We will work with your team to create marketing campaigns directed at your site.  Understand your user base and track their movements as they visit your site.   

  • Increase your web traffic through rich content development
  • Build customizable landing pages for marketing campaigns
  • Track user data and website landing page effectiveness 


website landing page management

Manage inbound website traffic to your site.  Create customizable landing pages with content rich calls to action.  Capture new potential leads and convert them into loyal followers of your brand.  Makes the most of your marketing campaigns.

  • Launch audience-focused marketing campaigns.
  • Track your user base and online landing page traffic.


seo management & growth

Build your search engine optimization and direct growth to your site.  Manage inbound growth.  Work to create page development and sustain ongoing growth for your site. 

  • Unite SEO traffic around your company's brand.
  • Create & develop growth strategies to increase your SEO presence.


google adword management

Create a Google AdWords account and monitor advertising traffic; as well as, dollars spent on Google AdWords advertisements.  Test key AdWord advertising strategies. Develop AdWords campaigns for marketing launches.  

  • Execute AdWord targeted marketing campaigns.
  • Develop a strategy for AdWord advertising. 
  • Monitor AdWord usage and profitability.


facebook advertising management

Manage Facebook advertising campaigns.  Reach your target demographic.  Monitor posts and calculate profits.  We will help you coordinate and run your campaigns to make sure you are getting the most out of your Facebook advertising account.

  • Facebook is the number one online social media site in the world.  
  • Over 30% of global online users - are on Facebook or Facebook owned social media sites.  Increase brand recognition with campaigns directed at the target audience you want to reach.  
  • Monitor Facebook social media traffic to utilize and allocate your marketing dollars to be the most effective. 


website tracking management

Track visitors to your site.  Develop the best inbound marketing tools.  Increase your inbound marketing by focussing on the social media that gives you the best ROI.  

  • Know where your leads are coming.
  • Effectively increase your website traffic and brand awareness. 
  • Increase your company's inbound marketing efforts.


website tracking report

Generate website traffic reports that show you where your web presence is the most effective.  Focus your energy on reaching the right audience for your brand.  Know where you are receiving the ROI.  Show investors and partners where you have increased your site's traffic.


focused website content GROWTH

Look for areas of website growth.  Create content to match current growth trends. Understand your current user base and develop content that increases website activity.  

  • Understand what content your audience is looking for.
  • Generate new content to engage your customer's conversations.
  • Develop fresh content, photo driven images, and product sales that reengage your loyal customers every time they visit your site.
  • Focus on the creative content that matters most to the audience you serve.


focused website call to action growth

Develop and launch website calls to action.  Create and execute marketing campaigns.  Manage the user experience so that each landing page engages your customers. 

Here are a few tips on developing a strong call to action:

  • Focus on one simple action you want people to do.
  • Create a call to action that is simple and clear.
  • Develop a call to action that is interesting to your customers.

Developing a clear, simple call to action is one of the strongest impacts for creating your brand presence online.  Make your call to action unique to your brand.